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Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Therapies

TCM Acupuncture uses various therapies to help restore the body's vital energy (Qi) and health.  The following treatment options are available to patients based on their individual preferences & requirements.


Acupuncture is used both therapeutically & preventatively to support overall wellness. It involves the insertion of very fine, disposable sterile needles into specific body points to restore and promote Qi.


A technique using points on the external ear to treat pain, addictions and internal disorders. Treatments may include acupuncture needles, focused pressure, lasers, magnets and electrical stimulation.

Korean Hand Technique

Acupuncture on specific areas on the hand to treat pain and influence health of the body.


The application of micro-current levels of electrical energy to improve circulation, cellular metabolic function and promote healing.


Glass or acrylic suction cups are applied to specific areas of the body to dispel stagnation - blood and lymph, thereby improving Qi-flow.


Application of heat to specific points or areas of the body using the herb Artemisia (mugwort) to enhance the flow of Qi and blood for healing.

Massage (Tui-na)

Uses a number of techniques to release tightness in tissues, stimulate specific points or areas and facilitate the flow of Qi.


A massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles, boost blood circulation and encourage lymph drainage.

Dietary Therapy

Foods are chosen for their energetic properties to enhance digestion, encourage organ balance & support a well-functioning body full of Qi-energy.

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