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Qi Beauty

Natural age control treatments reconnecting Qi energy for beauty.

"Aging is the process of energy loss. Qi Beauty is the process of energy renewal”

Endogenous environmental toxins (free radicals, peroxides, acids, alcohols and aldehydes) and exogenous toxins (pollutants, chemicals) all contribute to oxidative stress and premature aging of the skin. Your skin requires Qi energy to assist in detoxification and stimulate effective oxygenation and regeneration to promote skin health and a youthful appearance.

Magnetic energy has been used therapeutically throughout the world for hundreds of years dating back to Ancient Chinese medicine over 2000 years ago. Over the past 30 years, there is a vast body of scientific research that shows magnetic therapy has many proven regulating and beneficial effects with the dermis/epidermis.

How is Qi stimulated?

The Qi Beauty anti-aging system uses specific negative polarized micro magnets to stimulate tissue in the dermis and epidermis plus the proximal acupuncture points to optimize, re-enforce and strengthen skin barrier functions of the stratum corneum and to increase the neurological and circulatory activity in the dermis. ​

The strength, polarity and positioning of the Qi Beauty micro magnets produces a negative magnetic field over the entire area of application that is far greater than the individual strength of the magnets. The biological response to a negative magnetic field is a reduction of oxidation processes, increased alkalinisation, oxygenation, cellular growth through trigger response increases and enhance tissue regeneration and healing.

What are the Benefits?

The noticeable benefits of a Qi facial helps promote the ability of skin to:

  • Plump and tone dehydrated skin
  • Lift and define facial features
  • Decrease size of pores
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Brighten and tighten skin
  • Reduce the appearance of pigmentation
  • Reduce depth of wrinkles
  • Repair/reduce broken capillaries

What's the process?

Catherine Carleton-Fitchett R.Ac holds professional certification in Qi Beauty and will design a face matrix that will integrate techniques to carry Qi into lines, over areas of pigmentation and within areas requiring correction. During your facial 1000 Qi micro-magnets will be placed gently on meridians to reconnect your Qi and to create magnetic fields to encourage lift.

Ionic gels, creams, serums and nutrients are then applied in sequence to deliver a luxurious facial with lasting results. Every Qi Beauty facial builds on the last to sustain the anti-aging benefits of Qi.

Call to book your Qi Beauty consultation.

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