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10 Powerful ways to Raise our Cellular Vibration & Consciousness

Consciousness is the intelligent, living organizing principle of the Universe, known as Source Energy. It permeates everything and resonates in different frequency ranges within humanity according to free will and choice.  The higher the frequency, the faster the vibration and the more advanced information it contains.  God-like or supernatural abilities become more available as our vibration increases.

High-vibrating energy consciousness manifests itself as love, peace, joy, health, abundance and freedom. Lower vibrational energy manifests as pain, suffering, sickness, toxicity, hate, fear, tyranny, depression and anxiety.

Nothing is more important than raising our vibration.


The first and most powerful way to raise our vibrational energy is to only ingest high vibrational, energy foods and clean, pure water. The food we eat and water we drink affects our vibration the most. Moving our diets towards a larger percentage of living green foods and foods that alkalize our bodies, such as vegetables, beans and nuts, adding fruit as appropriate supports health and raises our vibration. Water is also a primary source of nutrition. Chlorine and fluoride toxic chemicals render our tap water undrinkable, compromising health and vibration. (The human body frequency is 62-78 MHz, fresh food 20-27 MHz and processed food 0 MHz [the majority of food eaten today]. Antibiotics vibrate below 0 MHz.)1 


The second most powerful way to raise our cellular vibration and increase consciousness levels is to be in nature. Everything powerful, good and healthy comes from nature.  Spend as much time as possible in nature to develop higher levels of consciousness, and create optimal health.  Concrete, asphalt, strong electrical and unhealthy EMF fields and toxic emissions in crowded cities are not beneficial to our vibration.


Thought profoundly affects vibration. To raise our vibration, we must use conscious thought, conscious intention, conscious tones, conscious speech and conscious actions.  Think and use positive thoughts and words to create empowered, cooperative actions that contribute to the highest good for all. How we each think and feel around an issue contributes to the collective consciousness, so let’s ensure our own thoughts are elevating humanity’s vibration.


Meditation is another powerful way to raise our internal vibration, greatly expanding our consciousness. Entering deep states of meditation, we can contact the source of all that is.  Breathing in and out slowly is the lead up to deep mediation as it changes our brain waves, or vibrational rate.


Crystals are incredible metaphysical tools and creations of nature that direct vibrational energy and benefit elevating our consciousness level.   Crystals alone do not do anything; however, when we input our intention into a crystal, it then performs a specific function to our energy request.


Sound is another creative way to increase our vibration. It can be used in different forms including music, singing mantras, chants, power words, positive affirmations, and toning.  Listening to high vibrational music also triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins producing feel good hormones.


Creative energic movement, dance, yoga and art are also ways to move with and participate in the universe’s flow and raise vibration.


Read ancient books and manuscripts.  Listen to master teachers on audio or video. Turn off political and crime news, low-vibration drama and trauma TV shows.  Switch to high-conscious broadcasts.


Laughter raises our vibration, as does smiling. We can not laugh and be in a bad mood at the same time. Spend time with those whom when we are around, we find ourselves laughing and feeling joy while in their presence.  If it is not a person, maybe it is an animal or walk in nature.


The light from the sun infuses us with solar energy and helps our bodies obtain higher and higher states of vibration.  We all need sunshine.

Finally, everything we do affects vibration. We impact everything and everyone with every thought, with every word and with every choice we make. What is done to one is done to all.  As we make choices for the highest good of all, it brings humanity into a higher vibrational energy and consciousness, ultimately creating freedom for all. This is what we are here on earth to accomplish right now.

Practice high vibratory living and remember to connect to the body’s internal guidance through listening to its needs and requests. Raising vibration through true health supports raising our total vibration. Eating healthy, natural foods and living in alignment with nature and source energy will improve everything in our lives.


1 Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Ultimate Healing Guide - The Perfect Day Lifestyle: Wolfe Publishing, 2023

CCF Acupuncture Clinic - 10 Powerful Ways to Raise Our Celluar Vibration
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